Friday, June 10, 2011

HAPPY 100th!!!!

Welcome to my 100th posting. I don't feel like a day over 80!
A couple of videos. Just working with a bit of poly metric stuff. What's a little different for me is I'm using 5/4 as the home time signature. I tend to find these things give me a lot more difficulty when I'm not in 4/4 and I have to work hard to "hear' the 5. For the bass drum ostinato I stole the Max Roach "leave out beat three" one. I like the way it divides the bar in half. The first video is a bit of dotted quarter nonsense and then in the second one I'm doing a 9 beat stick against the 5.

I'd also like to share some music I've been enjoying. Go pick them up, you won't regret it.

Richie Beirach- Trust
Trio session from the mid-90s with Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette. Stunning!

Herb Geller- Gypsy. One of the few recordings of Scott LaFaro and Elvin together and a nice chance to learn some Sondheim tunes.

See you at 101!

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