Monday, June 6, 2011

Left foot clave (Not just for Cuban music!)

Hey toute le monde!
I had a great time playing last weekend. Getting to create music with people who perform at such a high level certainly has inspired me to keep practicing and trying to improve, as I hope to for the rest of my life!
Here's a little thing I started fooling around with today. I've been working on including left foot clave (2:3, in this case) into time playing in a swing context. Here's some footage of me playing clave, four on the bass drum, standard jazz ride and the melody to "Cubano Chant" (RIP Ray Bryant). Thanks to Jon McCaslin for the tune idea.

I've been also trying this with different things on the bass drum. Splashing the hi-hat on some of the clave, and moving the left hand around. I haven't filmed any of this stuff (C'mon, why should I do all of the work?) but you get the idea.
Best of luck with this. Have fun.

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