Saturday, October 1, 2011

If you dig it, don't keep it a secret!

Hey all,
First I'd like to thank Jon McCaslin for his kind words about the Broadview "Two of Clubs" disc. I really appreciate it. You can read it here if you wish.
This got me thinking about a policy I have long held privately but have never come out and made public. I feel that if I have really enjoyed the work that an artist has done (especially a peer) I try and let them and the public know. A life in music isn't easy and can feel a little thankless sometimes so I think it's important we all encourage each other. Don't get me wrong, there's lots of stuff I don't like either but I keep that to myself!
Anyway, along that theme of appreciation, here's great young drummer Ethan Ardelli playing a great quick solo on "Invitation' with Nancy Walker's group. Go and see him when you get a chance, he sounds great!

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