Friday, October 14, 2011


Hey all,
The lovely and talented Jon McCaslin recently requested that I talk about quiet playing and since I love not having to think of subjects for the blog, here goes!

A couple of things first though....
At around 3:23 in the video the talking may get pretty quiet (oh, the irony!) so please adjust your volume. Also, I mention earplugs very briefly. It's my belief we should all do a little of our low volume practicing sans earplugs. It goes back to hearing the sounds we're making and developing our touch. Absolutely it's important to protect your ears but I've dealt with drummers who never heard their instrument without earplugs! Not great for the sensitivity......

...and here's me attempting to apply some of these concepts to Dizzy Gillespie's "Ow".
Okay, I got a little louder in sections but I think the general idea is there.

Thanks so much! See you soon! I need to stop using exclamation marks!!!!!!!

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