Monday, October 31, 2011

Little green monsters, just in time for Halloween!

Hey everyone and happy All Hallows Eve to all. Those pagans knew how to party!
Actually this doesn't have a ton to do with the holiday, just the green part.
I have realised in the past while that I badly need to jettison my feelings of professional envy and jealousy. These feelings are making me a more bitter and hardened person and that certainly isn't going to help me be a better musician, or human being for that matter. I have realised I'm spending too much time (read any) wondering why I don't get called for certain gigs, why I haven't toured New Zealand as a leader yet, why I don't have my own talk show etc. Okay with the last two I was being facetious but all those questions are basically useless. I'm going to work on concentrating on the work and celebrating the successes of others without feeling I'm comparing myself to them. I was put on this planet to be the best Ted Warren I can, and I won't get there by being jealous of someone else's life.
I thought I would post this footage of Eric Harland. it's been making the rounds a lot so maybe most of you have seen it. It was significant for me because of the joy and eloquence he always plays with. Whenever I hear him, I want to celebrate his absolute mastery of the instrument and music by becoming as masterful ( in my own way) myself.

Thanks so much. Now smell my feet AND give me something good to eat!

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