Monday, December 16, 2019

What's wrong with this set-up? Part 1

This is a new feature on the blog. Occasionally I'll be looking at drum sets that have more than one user and commenting on aspects of them that may be set up problematically. Obviously there are many ways to get a drum kit ready for playing, but I will point out things I find that may hinder a player's sound or progress. Here's the first instalment…….

So, please ignore the manic camerawork and delivery. My Zoom was out of juice and I had to do this in a hurry on my phone. Also at the end I meant to talk about the snare strainer being on the left side of the drum but I said right. My apologies. Okay, I hope this is helpful;. I'll revisit it from time to time.

UPDATE: I got a comment from great drummer/percussionist Brian Barlow. He mentioned that in situations where one is following a conductor, it may be best to have the music stand in front of the small tom. He's absolutely right so keep in mind what I'm suggesting here is general information and specific situations may require something different. :)

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