Monday, May 10, 2021



Blast Beats                                                              

Instagram/Tik Tok Fame                                         

Massive hi-hats                                                       


Super obscure world music beats                           


Drum Festivals                                                       

The latest hip drummer                                         


Playing on vamps                                                  

Odd time signatures                                              

A particular grip                                                     

Playing like a drum machine                                  


Being clever                                                            

Gospel chops                                                         

Latest IG Hero/Heroine 



 Sunny Murray/Allison Miller


Communicating clearly

 Classical snare studies

Playing dynamically

A loose, comfortable grip

 2 feel on the high-hat

 Playing on form of a tune

 Slow Bossas

Open solos that tell a story

 Fred Below

Long running music venues

Stick Control/Accents & Rebounds

 Knowing melodies/forms of tunes

 Playing gear you think sounds best

 Presence and Respect from musical peers

 Papa Jo Jones

Keep in mind, these are just my opinions. Go develop your own.

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