Monday, May 24, 2021

Legends of Jazz Drumming Part 1 & 2

I am frequently amazed by the discographical and historical knowledge of many of my peers. It seems fairly ridiculous, but i have never seen either part of this documentary all the way through. I find part 1 especially illuminating because of how much pre-bebop drumming I feel I have yet to learn. Anyway, check these out and I have made a few notes that you can peruse after…..

Okay, here are my impressions. You may have completely different ones, and that's not a problem. You may also see/hear things differently after repeated viewings, which I certainly recommend.

- Louis Bellson is a great host, and his, Roy Haynes', and Jack DeJohnette's insights are very illuminating

-Lot of early hi-hat players play 4 on the hi-hat w/foot (early coordination).

-Also lots of four on snare drum, four on everything!

-Papa Jo seems to be the first major drummer to start developing independent coordination.

-Also playing open handed, almost 100 years ago!

-Papa Jo is a BIG part of the large ensembles moving from that sort of stomping style to the time being much more nuanced and sensuous.

-Ray Baduc really can get around the drums at a relatively low dynamic level.

-Sonny Payne is never anything short of spectacular.

-I think one of the keys to Shelly Manne’s fat snare sound with brushes is that he seems to be using all the bristles, yet he has a very different sound than Elvin, who tends to do the same thing. 

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