Saturday, May 29, 2021

David⚡Bowie - The Last Five Years, BBC documentary (2017)

I just saw this great documentary from the BBC about David Bowie's final years. I think his late work is some of his best, and it was interesting to hear about his Broadway show, Lazarus, which I was only peripherally aware of.
It was also strangely personal to see someone in the doc whom I had worked with, and frankly didn't like my playing that much. This has been coming up for me lately. Situations where teachers and or fellow musicians don't like what I'm doing. The doc is great no matter how one looks at it, but here's a few things that I learned from Mr. Bowie and was reminded of…

-Be brave
-Take chances
-Trust your instincts
-The fact that not everyone loves what you do is a good thing
-Challenge yourself, and your audience

Thank you Mr. Bowie. Your artistic approach to life is a great example to us all……..

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