Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brushes in 3/4

Hi folks, a pattern (and two variations) in 3/4 on brushes today.
In the main pattern the right hand is constantly circling quarter notes in a clockwise direction.
The left hand is playing a ride pattern by sweeping 8th notes, starting at the top of the drum on beat two going back down to the next beat one. Remember, the left hand will sweep all downbeats to the right and all upbeats to the left.
Here's how the first one looks:

In the first variation the left hand remains the same, while the right hand circles in dotted quarter notes.

Finally, in the last variation. The right hand now circles dotted half notes.

I hope you enjoy these 3/4 patterns. As my skill (and resources) improve I plan to add more notation and video to help clarify these. Until then, play for the music and be good to yourselves!

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