Sunday, October 10, 2010

Couple of brush patterns

Hi Folks,
Just posting a couple of the brush patterns that will be in my upcoming book.
The first one divides up the ride pattern between the two hands. On beat 1 and 2 the hands alternate sliding towards us (starting with the right) and on beats 3 and 4 the hands alternate moving away from us. The right hand taps the skip beats of 2 and 4. In the second one I got the idea from Art Taylor on a Red Garland recording. The right hand is playing legato quarter notes sliding to the right and tapping either the skip beat of 2 and 4 or all four beats to create a shuffle. The left hand is sliding 16th notes, heading to right on all the downbeat 16th and going left for all the es and ahs. This creates a nice tension between the swung 8ths in the right hand and the 16ths in the left. The left hand stays on the drum surface the whole time.

Hope you enjoy these. They'll be lots more in future posts.

Here's a video with me playing brushes (along with other weapons of my choice) with Charles MacPherson, Bernie Senensky, and Mike Downes a few years ago.

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