Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cory Weeds/ Bernie Senensky Pilot Video

Hello all,
Today I'm posting of a video from a recent gig at the Pilot tavern with Cory Weeds, Bernie Senensky, and Reg Schwager. We played about four gigs over last weekend and had a great time. Cory is a great tenor player as well as running the wonderful Cellar club in Vancouver. As well as playing together, it was great to talk to Cory about matters relating to the club owner's side of things. It just further strengthened my belief that in these tough times especially, musicians and clubs have to work together.
Couple of notes about the vid.
1) Reg, Bernie and Cory all play great.
2) The reason I'm not using any floor tom is that I'm using it as a music stand because Cory borrowed mine.
3) I cuffed the ending but Cory saved it like a true improviser.


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