Friday, October 29, 2010

The "You'll Never Believe This _____Year Old Drummer" Email

Hey folks,
Almost weekly, someone sends me a video of a young drummer. In fact they get younger all the time. I rarely actually look at these because:
a) They ALL play better (technically) than me, and I'm already aware of that.

b) The videos are usually circus sideshow drumming things without a lot of musical context and I tire of that pretty quickly.

I did look at the following video and I really like it. Why? Because this kid:
a) Is only interested in keeping time and playing appropriately for the song. A lot of adult drummers who have been playing for years never get that together.

b) Even when he messes up a bit, he just corrects himself and gets on with it. He's showing a healthy attitude and humility that will get him through the ups and downs of the music business. Again, a lot of seasoned professionals could learn from this.

Check it out.

Now that's someone I would like to hear in 10 or 20 years from now! Plus the hat is a nice seasonal touch.

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