Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hey folks,
Anyone who has studied with me has received some exercises on crossovers. I'm of the opinion that they're very useful. Yes, I'm aware of the whole Gary Chester "territorial rights" thing (right and left hands stay on their respective side of the drum set) but using single strokes rather than stickings affords us more power and volume. Furthermore, when we're improvising we may have a tonal pattern in our head but not be able to pull the appropriate sticking out in the moment.

Here's a couple of newer exercises. My apologies to my master class at Mohawk as you will be seeing these again on Thursday.
Please play the following examples with only single strokes and practice them starting on either hand. If the example doesn't have anything written for the feet, by all means add the foot pattern of your choice.
One last thing, the first person to correctly identify the tune the large tom is suggesting in example 5 will receive a free Ted's Warren Commission CD. (Hint, it's a Monk tune.)
....And for those of you that think this is strictly showbiz and doesn't have artistic value, let's groove on Papa Jo Jones!

In fact let's groove on him playing brushes as well.

There's an expression that goes " For every 4 beats a drummer plays, 3 of them come from Papa Jo".
I think this is a way too conservative estimate!

The rudiment of the week is coming up next. Stay tuned!

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