Friday, November 26, 2010

New Rudiment and Just the Pasics!

Sorry, the Rudiment of the Week is becoming the Rudiment of the Week and a half, but here goes!
Ah, yes. I randomly chose this one at a clinic last week. A couple of things before we begin. The amount of strokes in the roll mainly denotes it's duration, so don't get too hung up on that. If you have a decent double stroke roll then it's just a matter of stopping it and starting it.
Okay here goes:

Couple of things I should mention. First, I'm sorry about the 32nd notes. Believe me, just looking at them myself gives me vertigo! Just remember all of that stuff is just 16ths doubled.

Now, the other thing I wanted to mention is that I will be submitting soon to present some clinics at the Percussive Arts Society's annual convention (PASIC) next year in Indianapolis. If you like what you're seeing here, please feel free to mention to them that you would like me at next year's convention. Email them here. Thanks for your help and I'm sorry about the delays between posts.

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