Monday, November 15, 2010

Rudiment of the week! Part 2.

Hey everyone,
A couple of things, sorry to have been so long between posts. I had a crazy week of work and just couldn't find the time. Also, I realize I have titled this post rudiment of the week but any of these you could literally work on for years and still find new stuff to do with it. Don't feel you have to rush through practicing things. like I used to do. You'll get a lot more out of the work by really examining the rudiment and trying to assimilate it into your playing.

Okay, on to the Rudiment.

I randomly picked this one.

Ah, triple strokes. I first started working on this one in first year university, many moons ago. It's excellent for the chops. As with the first rudiment, work on it slowly as is before attempting to put it into different rhythmic groups or voice it on the drumset.

In the following examples I have started moving the sticking around the drums (all examples.) I have all four limbs playing the rudiment ( Ex. 2, 5 and 8). In Ex. 3 we are "breaking" the triple strokes between 2 drums. In Ex. 4 we are "breaking" between 3 drums. In Ex. 5 and 6 we are playing the rudiment as triple stops verses single stops or buzzes. In Ex. 7 we have moved the rhythmic grid to 8th notes to create more of an over the barline feel. Finally in Ex. 8 we have taken the over the barline feel even further by moving the rhythmic grid to quintuplets.

Obviously these are but a few examples of where we can take this rudiment. Please use your imagination and have fun making up your own variations.

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