Monday, November 8, 2010

Music I'm digging!

Hey folks,
I thought let you in on the sounds that are turning my crank these days.

The first is an Art Pepper recording Brent Rowan hipped me to.

The recording is from '57 and it also features:
Russ Freeman, piano
Carl Perkins, piano
Ben Tucker, bass
Chuck Flores, drums
I'm ashamed top admit I hadn't heard any of this wonderful rhythm section before. Great swinging stuff!

The next one is George Adams' s "Sound Suggestions" from '79. Although there are many, many great recordings of Jack DeJohnette, this album is definitely in my top 5 or so!

It also features Kenny Wheeler, Richie Bierach, Dave Holland, and another tenor sax player (besides Adams) named Heinz Sauer. This personnel create a great America meets Euro sound.
Check out this bluesy track with Adams singing. I can't believe this is on an ECM album. (Producer) Manfred Eicher must have been on a bathroom break when it was recorded!

I'd like to post a few things by Friendly Travelers. This is a duo with Brian Blade on drums and Wolfgang Muthspiel. Boston guitar guru Mick Goodrick once described Muthspiel is the most talented guitarist he'd ever encountered. As for Brian Blade, what can I say? He has such a beautiful touch, sound and time feel, and that's just the beginning. Some years back, I lent him some drums and got to hang out with him and watch him perform on a TV show. He's a truly kind and gentle soul as well as being a monster musician.


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