Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cory Weeds Quartet at the Pilot last week

Here's some video of Vancouver based Saxist, Club Owner, Record label owner, and general force of nature Cory Weeds and his quartet at the Pilot tavern. Also in the band were Neil Swainson on bass and Reg Schwager on guitar. All 3 are people I wish I played with more often. We always have a lot of fun.
Couple of notes of the vid. I was giving folks a ride to a gig at the Jazz room that night, so I thought I'd forgo the toms on this gig. Always a good challenge to keep things interesting and varied.
I also decided I'd mainly comp with the snare on these gigs and use the bass drum for very light four on the floor. Again, a good challenge for me to not comp with the bass drum so much. Finally, I decided to get my sizzle cymbal out. Often it feels like a lot of players overuse that texture so I was attempting to be judicious with it.
BTW. we're playing that oft neglected standard, "On a Clear Day".
I hope you dig it!

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