Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Open vs. Closed Rim Click Sound

Hey folks,
This is an idea i got from watching a video of Papa Jo Jones.
In the clip I saw he often took his hand off the drum immediately after playing a rim click, creating the sound of the click but also with the drum ringing. Usually when I play a rim click I keep my hand on the drum afterward, which mutes and shortens the sound. Here's a clip of me playing around with the open and closed rim click sounds in a variety of beats.

Try it yourself, it creates some interesting textures.
I think it's important to note that even though I got this idea from Papa Jo, I used it for very different beats than I heard him apply it to. I've said it before, but whether you're into Punk Rock, Reggae, or Death Metal, as someone who plays the drum set, you should check out people like Mr. Jones. He was a serious pioneer, ( hi-hat might have been a passing fad had it not been for him) a sonic explorer, and his approach to the instrument is an unending fountain of ideas and textures.


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