Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More neural pathways!

Here's a couple of things using the melody to Monk's Oska T. We've used this tune before and it might be one of the first, if not only 4 bar Jazz Standards.

Okay, here's the first way I played it. Straight 8ths with a bossa pattern on the bass drum and played the melody with the left hand, dotted quarters with the left foot on tambourine. Once louder, once softer.

The second way I played it, the left foot went back to the hi-hat and I moved the melody around the kit with the left hand and also played with the way I was articulating it.

The last one has the hi-hat opening and closing every other dotted quarter note.

Look, I know I've posted a lot of this stuff over the past little while. It reminds me of an art exhibit I saw years ago in Montreal of Da Vinci's inventions. Now, I'm not comparing myself to him in any way. I just think that the sort of exhaustive thinking that leads to making 20 versions of a pulley (Seriously! They were in the exhibit!) can be very applicable to this stuff. I might not ever exactly use this on a gig, but I will have more flexibility and coordination!

See ya!

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