Monday, March 26, 2012

Blog Roundup!

I remember Dennis Mackrel saying at a clinic quite a few years ago that he thought the future "hang' for musicians would be on the net.
How right he was!
I don't get into Toronto to see music as often as I like and I'm also busy with family, playing and teaching. So one of the main ways I exchange ideas is with my peers around the world online.

Here's a brief overview of what's been capturing my attention these days.

Here's Peter Hum's excellent interview with Katie Malloch. Oh Katie! How we'll miss you!

From Cruise Ship Drummer there's some great exercises involving putting the hi-hat on beats 2 and the + of 3. This is why it's important to get input from other folks. I've been playing for 37 years and this never occurred to me!

Jesse Cahill has some great advice on practicing at his Blog.
I also have learned a lot from the samples he posts from his extensive record collection.
Wow! Ron Jefferson! You know, when my ego starts to get the better of me, it's humbling to realize how many great musicians go virtually unknown, despite playing so well. I really have nothing to complain about folks!

It's amazing the era we live in and how much great information is at our fingertips. (I know Kate thinks everyone overuses the term "literally", but in this case I think it's appropriate.)

We live in a world where we can musically get out butt kicked without getting out of our pjs!
Now, there's a lot of info out there that isn't so hot, so I think I will do a post about sifting through and finding good quality stuff. In the meantime though, you can't go wrong with the trio of blogs I just mentioned.


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