Saturday, March 10, 2012


Despite my revelation the other day, I'm still up to my old tricks.
Here's a sort of a wacky thing. It's a Songo with 3 different hi-hat patterns.
1) Half notes
2) 3:2 Clave
3) Dotted Quarters

The warbling you hear in the background is me singing Joe Henderson's "Recordame". Each chorus I change the right hand pattern.
I put this up partially because I've been talking a lot about being able to hear whatever tune you're playing, regardless of what you are doing in terms of drumming.
In fact I sort of fluff some of the dotted quarter stuff in the third chorus.

Why did I leave it in?

1) I'm lazy and I didn't think my family was going to be happy with me exclusively shedding this all weekend. I'm kidding (sort of!)

2) You'll notice that even when the actual lick I'm playing might falter, I'm still solid with where I am in the tune.

So you don' t always have to sing the tune out loud. Singing creates yet another level of coordination because the voice is like a fifth limb. Good to work on yes, but I'm not sure how many people I play with would enjoy the sort of "drunken rugby chant" vibe I would give to standard tunes.

Who knows? Maybe you'll sound better. :)

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