Thursday, March 22, 2012

You can't keep a good nerd down!

This is another coordination thing. Three 8th note open/closed thing on h.h. w/ left hand. 7 beat figure in right hand. Tumbao bass drum pattern. A slight wrinkle in this is the right hand part always goes to the small tom in the middle of every 7 beat figure and also buzzes every
time I go to the small tom. I'm going to write an article about this shortly but what I'm getting at with this is that there are 4 different "levels" of drum set coordination.

1) Contrasting rhythms (i.e. 7 beat, 3 beat , and tumbao)
2) Moving from one surface of the drum set to another (i.e. floor tom to small tom)
3) Contrasting articulations (i.e. the buzzed note in the right hand)
4) Contrasting rhythmic groupings (str. 8th verses triplets, or quintuplets, septuplets etc. (There's no incidence of this in the following example. I'm only human, ya know!)

Anyway, I'll elaborate on this in the future.

Here's the vid.

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