Friday, November 12, 2021

Performance vs. Practice

 I have a suspicion I have dealt with this subject before, but review is always good! 

It's important not to practice when you're playing. That would include things like:

- Shoehorning an idea or lick into someplace not because the music told you, but because your ego wants to justify the work you've done.

-Obsessing about micro issues like the placement of one's gear, rather than the sound and feel of the ensemble as a whole and making adjustments to the room you're playing in.

-Thinking about tunes and parts of tunes rather than concentrating on how these parts fit into the architecture of the set/evening of music.

Equally important is to not play when you're practicing. Elements of this would include:

- Playing things in the practice room you can already play.

-Play along to recordings in a non concentrating and inauthentic way. ( Practicing your double bass drum chops while playing along to The Stones, for example!) 

-Not being focused, and not really hearing what you're playing. (E.g. Balance of instruments. Quality of sound on cymbals and drums etc.) 

In conclusion, playing and practicing are 2 very important  but completely different disciplines. If you confuse them, you will fail to get the benefit of either of them.

Happy Playing/Practicing! 

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