Thursday, November 25, 2021

The Beatles: Get Back and the creative process…...

Unless you're living under a rock someplace, you're aware that Peter Jackson's new movie using archival footage of the Beatles is out on Disneyplus today….
Here's the preview….

Now, anyone that has even the slightest acquaintance with me knows I am a massive Beatles fan, so anything associated with them will fascinate me. I have, however, been reading about people grousing that it's too long, too detailed etc..
I get it, " A Hard Day's Night", it's not. What it is,  however, is an honest look at a band writing and rehearsing new material, and figuring out how they're going to perform it. Yes, they play through material a bunch of times. That's actually how it works when bands do this! Yes, they sometimes quarrel, are dismissive of each other, and ignore each other. Again, that's actually fairly typical in any creative group dynamic. They jam on and on looking for ideas. This is a very common method of songwriting!

I'm only halfway through the first episode, but I've already learned so much! it's like getting songwriting classes with the Beatles! 

So, in short, if you are a casual Beatles fan looking for lots of dazzle-dazzle and pizzazz, this may not be for you. If, on the other hand, you can appreciate some major insights into the working method of one of history's greatest musical units, I highly recommend it! 

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