Tuesday, November 23, 2021

We are all songwriters

Musicians have a tendency to put themselves into boxes sometimes. I'm a drummer, I'm a singer, I'm an arranger, etc. when we really do all these things. Case in point, most musicians I know want to do memorable, compelling (dare I say "catchy") things that engage the audience, take us on a journey, and tell us a story. In fact, great songwriters do this all the time! So, let's check out Rick Beato's interfere with Sting and his guitarist and writing partner, Dominic Miller. Unlike other interviews where I've seen Mr. Sumner being cagey ( Soul Cagey?) about his writing process, Mr. Beato's well thought out questions help us gain a lot of insight. Enjoy! 

However you feel about Sting and his music, there's a lot of great information here we can apply to our own writing/playing process.

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